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Presenters and topics on the Festival

The festival is designed for people working in consulting, educational, medical or psychosocial professions. There will be guests from Algeria, Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Schotland, Switzerland, Norway, the USA and other countries. We will also have an open stage for participants presenting their own short lectures or stories. As far as scheduled, these will be te main speakers and topics:


Aceval, Charles Naceur (DZ):


Audeguy, Karine (F): 


Bartl, Reinhold (A): 

Workshop: "I need a change of scenery," said the birch tree.... Stories about successful change processes and elegant ways of preserving the changes 


Bremer, Marie-Jeanne (L):


Eberle, Thomas (D): 

Workshop: The magic of singing bowls and therapeutic storytelling 


Guilloux, Christine (F):


Hammel, Stefan (D): 


Hürzeler, Adrian (CH): 

Workshop: Impromptu storytelling – a playful test of courage
German with English translation (90 min)

Alea iacta est! It is easy enough to find a story which matches a particular situation by searching in reference books, and then to read it aloud or tell it. Spontaneously inventing a story during a therapy session, coaching consultation or seminar on the basis of what the other party in the conversation has said, without any preparation, can appear a step too far. Participants in the workshop will be encouraged to test their courage in a relaxed and playful way and to experiment with spontaneous storytelling.


Neumeyer, Annalisa (D): 

If only I could work magic – just a little bit of magic

The use of Therapeutic Magic with children, young people and families.


Schneider, Peter (D): 

Talk: Stories about research into the brain and hearing 


Sugarman, Lawrence (USA):


Vlamynck Astrid (D):

Weinsprach, Claudia (D):

Workshop: Hozho – A Navajo view on Health – and what the turtle has to do with it

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